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General criminal law

General criminal law includes all criminal offenses listed in the Criminal Code (StGB). However, the area of ​​law “general criminal law” does not actually exist. Because the Criminal Code contains in particular criminal laws from the area of ​​white-collar crime such as credit fraud (§ 265b StGB; from the area of ​​environmental criminal law such as water pollution (§ 324 StGB) or from the area of ​​traffic criminal law such as unauthorized removal from the scene of an accident (§ 142 StGB). “general criminal law” one speaks of crimes of general life from murder, theft, extortion to fare evasion.

A criminal law attorney protects the client and encourages doubts and mistakes in the police investigative measures, which always represent a deep cut for the person concerned and his environment. A criminal defense attorney provides relief in such situations. I advise and defend you with competence and foresight nationwide against the police, public prosecutors and courts. As an accused of a crime, seize the opportunity to help shape the course and outcome of criminal proceedings. For this, however, you absolutely need the help of a lawyer specializing in criminal law, who will assist you in defending yourself against allegations under general criminal law. Also, exercise your right to remain silent.

If you entrust me with your defense in general criminal law, I will take the time for an initial personal interview. As part of this initial consultation, you will receive all the important information on how to proceed. Then I request access to the investigation file. We only find out from the file what evidence the allegation against you is based on. I will then discuss with you the further possible steps, risks and advantages. We work out a defense strategy together and are already influencing the outcome of the proceedings.

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