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Medicine criminal law

The classic area of medical criminal law includes offenses from general criminal law such as negligent bodily harm or death resulting from medical treatment errors (§§ 222, 229 StGB) or

the violation of confidentiality obligations.

In addition, criminal consequences can arise from violations of the Medicines Act (AMG), Medical Devices Act (MPG) or Medicines Advertising Act (HWG).

Since medical institutions and doctors are increasingly acting as commercial enterprises, they are increasingly being investigated for billing fraud (Section 263 StGB) and corruption offenses based on reports from associations of statutory health insurance physicians and health insurance companies (Sections 299a, 300 StGB). Law enforcement and investigative authorities are increasingly reacting to this increased number of reports by forming special departments.

I will help you to steer such procedures through competent measures at an early stage and to bring them to an end.

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