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Public Defence

One speaks of a compulsory defense or a compulsory defender of a normal lawyer who is assigned to the suspect or accused by a court. He receives the duty of the defender’s remuneration from the state, so that he does not have to pay anything at first and only if he is convicted.

There is an entitlement to a public defender if there is a threat of imprisonment of more than one year with or without probation, if the court hearing is taking place before the regional court or a higher court or if the client is accused of a crime. Irrespective of the impending punishment, a public defender must also always be assigned if the client has been in custody. Even if all these requirements are not met, YOU can have a right to a public defender if the factual or legal situation is difficult.

Let me clarify whether you are entitled to a public defender or not. Entitlement is not based on your income.

A change of the public defender is hardly possible and is only accepted in the rarest of cases, i.e. when “the relationship of trust has been severely shaken”. However, this is only in the

case of a breach of duty by the public defender, such as without visits to pre-trial detention or without the need to prepare for the main hearing. Simple differences of opinion are insufficient.

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